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Having a blocked drain can stop wastewater from leaving your home and can cause your sinks to flood easily and your drains to smell. Because all the sinks, toilets, baths and showers in your home are emptied into the same wastepipe, blocked drains can be a major issue that needs to be fixed in order to get your home running efficiently again.

What are the signs of a blockage?

With blocked pipes and drains, you will usually find that:

• Your toilet is difficult to flush
• Your bath or sink drains very slowly
• There is a bad smell coming from your drainsblocked-drain

When wastewater is blocked from leaving the property, it may come back up and flood your sink, making a big mess in your home.

Blockages are caused my multiple things. Since sewers are only designed to take water, waste and tissue, they need to be kept clean and any other items need to go in the bin instead of down the drain.

Blocked drains are commonly caused by:

• Trying to flush wipes down the toilet
• Sanitary towels and tampons
• Fat, oil and food
• Hair in the drain
• Leaves and dirt trapped in outdoor drains

Preventing Blocked Pipes and Drains

It is easy and simple to prevent blockages in your property. Firstly, you shouldn’t throw any wipes, packaging, sanitary items or condoms in the toilet, instead wrap it up and throw it in the bin.

You should also avoid throwing oil and food down the kitchen sink. Leave any food from cooking to cool and throw it in the bin before putting it in the sink.

Chemicals and solvents should also be disposed of correctly instead of putting it down a drain. Although it is a liquid, they can still harden and clog up your pipes.

Romford Plumbers Can Fix Blocked Drains

At Plumbing Magic, our local Romford plumbers are experienced and can find and fix blockages in your homes water system. Our plumbers have the correct tools and supplies needed to flush out clogged pipes in hard to reach places and unblock any drains.

We have an emergency plumbing service, with a fast response, that can take care of blockage emergencies. Not only will we fix the blocked drain, we will give you advice on how to prevent it.

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