Central Heating Romford

Whether you need a central heating repair, a new central heating boiler installation or would like to discuss alternative heating system options, local heating engineers at Plumbing Magic can offer you an unrivalled level of quality and customer service.

If your central heating system:

  • Is old or temperamental
  • Has hot water in the header tank
  • Makes loud banging or hissing noises
  • Has cold or slow heating radiators
  • Needs constant bleeding or power flushing

then our local central heating experts can help.

It doesn’t necessarily mean a whole new central heating system is required, there are many reasons for any central heating system to degrade and we will advise that the best way to get your heating back to its maximum potential quickly is to contact our local engineers to get a heating system inspection and service.


Central Heating Radiators

You might have a few different sources of heat, from wood burners and fires to fan heaters but it’s more than likely central heating radiators that are responsible for keeping the whole house heated.

With a wide variety of central heating radiators out on the market that’s perfect for any household, there are many options for radiators that you can choose from when you need it for your next domestic installation.

Whether you are going to renovate a bedroom, living room or other room, local central heating engineers can help you with all your heating needs and queries. Whether you’re after elegant seam or round top radiators or a space-saving compact model, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for.

Radiators come in horizontal and vertical models that are suited to different areas in your home. The size of the space will also influence the size of the radiator you need to install. We have the knowledge and training to install radiators, thermostats and boiler heating systems.

Central Heating Systems

Central heating systems are essential in a modern home. They fuel the heating and radiators to keep you and your home warm during the colder months. There are different types of central heating boilers you can have installed. They all have different benefits and can come in a range of prices.

Our central heating systems are installed, serviced and repaired by our Romford plumbers. We have the training and expertise to get the job done safely and correctly to make sure that your home heating is running efficiently.

Electric Central Heating

Electric heating systems are the most eco friendly option when it comes to central heating systems. The main benefit of installing electric central heating is that it is available to homes not on the gas grid. In addition, electric night storage heaters are easier to install than gas central heating units, as far as central heating installation goes, mainly because they require fewer parts.

We have a range of electric heating systems and boilers that will keep your home running smoothly, whilst making your home more energy efficient.

Gas Central Heating

The main advantage of gas central heating is that it is cheaper, per unit, than electricity. While gas boilers have been around longer than electric heating, gas heating systems are getting more and more efficient. Replacing an old boiler with a new energy efficient one is pretty straightforward in terms of the installation process. You can look into getting a new boiler here.

Gas central heating boilers should also be serviced regularly to ensure they are in good working order. Our plumbers are qualified to repair and service your gas heating system and will do the job without interrupting the household.


Plumbing and Heating Experts

Our local and reliable plumbing and heating engineers know which radiators and central heating system parts will best suit your house or commercial property. Not only are they responsible for the radiator installation, they have the training and experience to give you the advice you are looking for. Contacting our Romford plumbing and heating engineers will make the installation process so much easier, whilst saving you money.

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