Combination boilers are the most popular types of boiler used in modern homes. They account to more than 50% of new condensing boiler sales in the United Kingdom. This high efficiency boiler, as the name suggests, is a combination of a water heater and a central heating boiler in a single unit.

A combination boiler works by heating water on demand instead of pre heating it and storing it in a tank. This means that combi boiler systems take up less space and are ideal for flats and properties with no loft space. They can be hung on a kitchen wall or in a storage cupboard for a compact solution to conventional boilers that require loft space.

Combi Boilers Make Your Home More Efficient  

A combi boiler has many advantages that add efficiency to your home whilst being affordable to install and maintain. A few benefits of having a combi boiler include:

Unlimited hot water – A combi boiler heats the water when you need it and the supply is available immediately.

Unlimited heat – Because the boiler and central heating system is in the same unit, heating up your radiators is a lot more efficient.

Less space needed – Combi boilers don’t need loft space for a tank and the single unit can be installed in a storage cupboard in your kitchen.

Easy to install – It is straightforward for a qualified plumber to install the system and compact storage means less disruption in your home during the installation and repairs.

Easy to repair – A qualified plumber can easily repair and replace parts in the heating and water system since it is all located in one place.

Saves you money – An combi boiler runs efficiently and can save you money overtime on water and gas bills.


Combi boiler prices

A combi boiler can vary in price depending on the brand and the needs of your house. Larger houses with more bathrooms and bedrooms may require a larger system or additional parts to suit the size of the property. Whatever the case, plumbing companies have solutions to high combi boiler prices and offer boiler finance to make paying for your new boiler more manageable.

If you are looking for a compact, highly efficient boiler system that requires less money and disruption to install, contact a local plumbing company to ask about their combi boiler deals.

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