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There are many services that or qualified plumbers can carry out in your home, whether you need a toilet unblocked, a leak patched up or a dishwasher fitted; you will need a plumber at one point or another.

Reliable Plumbing Services

Our experienced plumbing team are fully qualified to carry out domestic and commercial plumbing in Romford. We make it a priority to give you the best service by providing great workmanship and massive savings.

We specialise in bathroom installations, toilet repairs, drainage systems and kitchen plumbing.

Toilet plumbing Our team of experienced plumbers can easily repair a blocked toilet with a toilet unblocking service within hours of your call. This includes toilet blockages, pipe blockages and drain blockages.

Sink plumbing A blocked sink can be attended to by our sink unblocking and repair plumbing service. Our experienced plumbers can investigate and remove blockages as well as give you advice on how to prevent them. If your sink is blocked, clogged or slow draining you will need to contact a local plumber to fix the problem before it escalates.

Bath and shower plumbing Shower and bath installations are effortless when you contact a reliable plumbing company like ours. Not only do we know how water systems work, but we have the correct tools and pieces to make sure that your shower is powerful and the temperature controls are working. We, at Plumbing Magic, also have the knowledge to put together an efficient drainage system so your bath or shower can drain with ease. Our local plumbers can help you plan and design a new shower or bath system that suits you. Our Romford plumbing experts are also capable of fixing problems like low pressure, leaks and no hot water.


General Plumbing Repairs

Blockages can be avoided and prevented by cleaning the drain from dirt, hair and tissue. If any tissues get into the pipes, it could block the sink and the water won’t be able to drain efficiently. Hair in your sink can also cause blockages and a build up of dirt, hair and food can create the problem of a slow draining sink.

Our plumbers can look further into your water system and find any other leaks, defects, blockages and damages that may not be noticeable from the outside. This knowledge then allows them to fix any plumbing problems without damaging and disrupting other parts in the system. Call a local plumber and ask about their plumbing services to get the best out of your money and get your home running smoothly again.

Contact our reliable Romford plumbers to keep your home or property running smoothly and efficiently.

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